A Day in the Life of a Closing Agent

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

For over 20 years, I sold real estate. I worked with Buyers and Sellers seemingly 24 hours per day, weekends, nights and holidays. Most of my clients were amazing. Some, not so much. There were certainly days that I wondered how there could ever be a job as demanding as mine.

On each transaction, we went to closing. Closings, to a Realtor, are like Christmas to a child. It’s the day all our good behavior is rewarded. The day we sit patiently in the closing room and wait for our “presents” to come. Sure we listen and offer moral support. We interact with our clients and answer last minute questions. However, if you have a reputable, trusted title company handling the closing, the actual signing process should be pretty smooth for the real estate agent.

I thought I knew the ins and outs of the title business. I had attended countless closings, worked with numerous closing agents and encountered my share of title issues and closing delays. I was certain that closing agents (and their respective processors) had stressful days. Certain that they had to deal with last minute deadlines and headaches brought on by delayed lender packages, angry buyers and sellers who felt they were giving away the farm.

I could never have imagined all that closing agents do.

Now that I have had the pleasure of working here at State Title Partners, I have a whole new perspective. What these ladies accomplish is nothing short of awesome. Furthermore, they do it while still remaining professional, pleasant and warmhearted. There is no behind-the-scenes rudeness, no office gossip about clients or affiliates. They truly have compassion for their customers and go WAY above and beyond, to not only do a good job, but to do a great one.

There is not an ounce of exaggeration when I tell you that the calls never stop. Never. On busy days (which are most everyday) they have calls waiting as soon as they hang up from the previous one and their voice mailboxes are chock full. The emails flood in and require immediate responses. Essentially every call, message or contact is urgent. They are constantly bombarded with items that need their instant attention and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

While on the phone, they are demonstrating the fine art of multitasking. Printers spitting out page after page of loan docs, fingers flying furiously over the contents of their files, turning back and forth in the chair from screen to desktop over and over as they are being ushered out to closing or told about yet, another call. These ladies move so fast and with so much focus on the task at hand, that it is almost dangerous to move about, at least for the new girl who hasn’t quite figured out the timing in the hallways.

Many of the calls are from panicked people who need something yesterday. Many times those calls are from other professionals that are part of the transaction. Many times those professionals have forgotten something crucial and need the closing agents to save their bacon. I’ve yet to hear one of these ladies state the obvious….”That was your job. I am sorry you didn’t do it correctly.” In fact, i’ve yet to hear them do anything other than, everything in their power to fix the problem caused by someone else. They hold it together, take the abuse and gracefully continue working to ensure that closing is successful.

The amount of time and resources it takes to arrive at the coveted closing table is massive. There are so many things that have to be researched, verified, triple checked and coordinated. So many. Yes, there is software that assists, but this is a business that requires constant hands on oversight from the processors and agents. Only an experienced title pro can interpret the potential pitfalls, especially when there are so many variables and what ifs.

These women are here very early preparing for the 9 am start of “normal” business hours. They are here late at night, well after 5 pm rolls around. Every single hour of their day is as stressful as a full day in most other professions, and it doesn’t let up. Ever.

The next time you close, pause for a moment and think about how much time and dedication goes into getting you and your customers to that table. Think about all these ladies give of themselves to make it happen smoothly. Their behind-the-scenes artistry conducts the orchestra that is a successful real estate transaction. For that, they deserve a standing ovation.